4 behavior of a Joy-Filled wedding | Webinar Series

4 behavior of a Joy-Filled wedding | Webinar Series

Experience More Joy More Frequently in Your Wedding

5-Part Webinar Series

exactly What separates marriages that are happy miserable people?

Interestingly, it is perhaps not healthier interaction. It’s not resolution that is conflict. It is really how big the marriage’s joy space.

Joy Gap /joi space/ (n.)-1. How long between moments of shared joy

Healthier marriages frequently create joy, and joy keeps the marriage healthier. But this sort of pleasure and wellness in wedding is not simply for the fortunate few whom find it. As it happens that particular relational abilities boost your joy. Marcus Warner and Chris Coursey will coach you on how exactly to develop those skills and exactly how to:

  • return to joy more quickly after disconnection
  • produce stronger bonds and elongate times during the delight
  • improve your enjoyment of real and intimacy that is emotional

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