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We, at Udayan Techsolutions, have extensive expertise and experience of Corporate Soft Skills Training & Corporate Image Domain with internationally certified and acclaimed modules.


Effective Communication is the Trump Card

Interaction between people becomes the basis of every business. Corporate communications plays a crucial role in what it calls the total business system. For Success in business, Effective communication is the trump card.

Learning effective speaking skills will not only be helpful to you in your career, but will be beneficial to you in everyday life.

Language involves how people organize their thoughts and ideas to express themselves and how they understand the spoken words and messages.

There are two ways of conversing: To the point and away from the point.
Learn how you can impress the right message with every interaction. Get trained to make your communication more effective to leave a better impact on the listener

• Effective communication skills
• E-mail communication
• Rapport Building Techniques
• Using Body Movement
• Using Voice Modulation
• Using direct approach to communication
• Deliver professional speeches
• Seminar production
• Professional presentations and public speaking


The point of etiquette rule is to make you feel comfortable and not uncomfortable

SOCIETY is a game which we all play. “Etiquette” is the rules of the game. If you play it well, you win. The etiquette, as well as the ethics, of today may well be summed up in the one word known as the “Golden Rule”

Etiquette tells us how to accomplish what we desire, and to make our path clear to the goal of companionship with many worthy minds.

The Work shop covers all major areas of concern a corporate professional
• Customer service etiquette
• Phone etiquette
• E-mail etiquette
• Business dress etiquette
• Office space etiquette
• Professional conduct
• Interview etiquette
• How to create long lasting impression ( Introductions and business conversation)
• Global Communication styles, and voice modulation.
• Appropriate Business attire
• Social Skills and professional behavior


Read others’ thoughts by their gestures

Communication through body language has been going on for over a million years. Urban society is a society of well-behaved people. Body language is a term used to describe protocol, how people use body movements or gestures instead of, or in addition to, sounds or verbal language to communicate. Body language is an important part of communication, which can contribute a significant amount, to what we are communicating.

Researches generally show that the verbal channel is used primarily for conveying information, while the non-verbal channel is used for negotiating interpersonal attitudes, and in some cases is used as a substitute for verbal messages.

Become a better leader, a communicator and a master of nonverbal attributes.

• Positive body language
• Improving postures and gestures
• Implications of body language at work
• Mock assessments
• Body language for customer satisfaction
• Develop a corporate style


Speech is Power


Humans’ ability to communicate using formalized systems of language sets us apart from other living creatures on the Earth. Over centuries, it is proven that the most powerful and successful people have mastered the ability to communicate effectively. Public Speaking is an art and it requires formal training.

It is observed that 70% of jobs today involve some form of public speaking. The skill of speaking is so important that it has been formally taught across the corporate sector globally.

The number one fear of most people is public speaking. Yet there are few skills that have a greater impact on your success in landing a job, gaining a promotion, or winning against the competition. Our training will help you leverage your strengths and start to make improvements in areas where your delivery needs help

Great leaders must be able to communicate ideas effectively and be able to speak effectively in public.

• Ability to face the audience
• Handle presentation stress
• Preparation and Delivery of speech
• Introductions and conclusion.
• Building leadership skills
• Developing speaking competencies
• Overcome your anxiety
• Communication process
• Elements of communication
• Voice modulation
• Speaking with Confidence
• Barriers to effective communication


Feeling good about yourself is not a luxury; it is an absolute necessity!

Self-esteem is a state of mind. It is the way you think and feel about yourself. Having high self-esteem means having feelings of confidence, worthiness and positive regard for yourself. People with high self-esteem feel good about themselves. They respect themselves and appreciate others.

Self Esteem leads to Motivation. Building self-esteem requires motivation; it is not something you can wish for, purchase or borrow. Motivated people accomplish far more. They enjoy a more interesting and fulfilling life.

Motivation is like fire – unless you keep adding fuel to it, it dies

• Change the negative thoughts and behaviours
• Personal Self Esteem analysis
• Changing your attitude
• Increasing your self Esteem.
• Building and maintaining strong Support System
• Developing positive relationships.


Get ready for a change

Accepting changes is the most challenging task. The process of change if managed properly, can lead to great success in business and achieving goals based on performance. A well planned and substantially trained workforce accepts changes positively.

Change starts with a vision. A leader’s, vision of the change will have an impact on efforts to support and guide their team. Therefore it is critical to understand and support the need for change.

Start with a change today as changes are inevitable, so why not accept it.

• Forces for change
• Motivating change
• Managing Change
• Phases on change
• Difference between preventive and curative approach
• Reaction V/s Response
• Best practices to accept changes.


Attitude attaining altitude.

Your attitude plays a major role in every single aspect of your life. A positive attitude leads to success and cordial relations at work place.

Multiple research studies have shown, employees with positive attitude at work have a better rate of success than negative. Transform your attitude and you can make it your best trait.

Self-motivation can lead you to the journey of attaining positive attitude. Motivated people accomplish far more. They enjoy a more interesting and fulfilling life. Thus, being motivated is in the enlightened self-interest of individuals.

Ability defines your capability and attitude determines how well you can do it.

• Positive attitude
• Phases of attitude at work
• Develop Self-motivation skills
• Art of performing in a Team
• Mock sessions
• Social Skills
• Personality and Skill development


Be your own Brand Ambassador

Every employee of a company is a Brand Ambassador of the company. We are constantly working to create a positive long lasting impression. Personal Branding is all about managing your reputation, style look and attitude. There are many reasons that corporate professional aim to develop their personal brand. Building a positive reputation will develop relations with potential clients easily.

In the big scenario the process of developing your own brand or reputation is a lot like developing a brand for a product or service. Start today by identifying your goals of your brand, and we will assist you to bring out the best results.

• Identifying brand “ You”
• Creating Powerful aura
• How to be influential
• Improving postures and gestures
• Powerful introductions.
• Self-awareness
• Self-management


Learn to listen

Listening is an important aspect of verbal communication. Success of verbal communication process majorly depends on the efforts and skills of the listener. Basis of effective verbal communication is good listening skills. Listening is based on the theory of reciprocity.

Active listening requires the listener to hear the words and identify the feelings associated with the words.

Effective listening is accomplished through constant effort. According to research, we understand only about one-half of what we hear. After a period of two months we recall only about one-quarter of what we heard. Mentors should be able to understand the speaker from his or her point of view.

• Understanding of communication process
• Various aspects of communication
• Guidelines for communication
• Essentials of active listening
• Ways to improve active listening skills
• Hearing Vs Listening
• Practical implication of listening in our everyday life
• Fallacies about listening
• Barriers to effective listening


Borne to Lead

Leadership skills are the tools, behaviours and capabilities that a person requires to be able to control his team. Strong leaders are great motivators. The most successful leaders are those who drive others to reach their own success.

• Understanding
• Traits of a good leader
• Developing leadership skills
• Identify areas for improvement
• Understanding of various Leadership styles.


Your appearance attitude and confidence defines you as a person.

Dress up formally to leave a Mark able Impression at work. industry requires the appearance of trusted business professionals that serve clients at their site on a daily basis, a more formal dress code is necessary for employees who have more of client interaction profile.

What you wear says something about who you are as an employee. It’s OK to be relaxed but not OK to be unprofessional.

Combine your accessories rightly to create an enhanced look with your formal as well as semiformal attire at work. We encourage you to contact us and discuss how to enhance your personal and professional presence.

Learn the various aspects of Formal wear and master the art of mixing and matching your wardrobe to dress up formally with a difference.

• Creating impactful Personality
• Dress to Success
• Analyse your work wardrobe
• Differentiations of various level of corporate attire
• Corporate wardrobe management
• Dress Smart: Communicate the right image
• Appropriate Business attire
• Understand the various levels of formality in prints, colours, shoes and accessories
• Authoritative vs Approachable: Dress for your role
• Cost per wear and Investment Pieces
• Guide to Correct Fits
• Styling an outfit for higher impact

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